Magical Christmas Jigsaw

This year we are performing A Magical Christmas Jigsaw by Out of the Ark music.  We are just beginning to learn the words to the songs and lyrics were sent home to parents on Friday to enable the children to practise.  The children already love the songs although we’ve only run through them a couple of times.  They can also be found here: The Magical Christmas Jigsaw -words



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Homework update

Well done to everyone who has been telling me all about the wonderful things they have been doing for their homework.  I am very much looking forward to see what you have been busy learning and producing.  Just to remind you that they don’t need to be brought in yet – you still have some time to do your very best efforts.  Here is the grid in case you need it.

Y2 Autumn To be or not to be

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Sorting 2d shapes using our own criteria

In maths we were learning about 2d shapes and deciding how to sort them in different ways.  You can see in the photos that we had two ways of sorting them.  Mrs Newbury was very excited when Honey had a shape that did not fit either criteria so she placed it on the outside of the venn diagram.  When somebody says or does something that is fantastic, Mrs Newbury plays ‘That’s the way uh huh, uh huh, I like it’ by KC and the Sunshine Band and we all join in!

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Story mountains

Planning our stories is an important part of writing our stories.  It is an opportunity to get our ideas down on paper without worrying about the detail at this point.  Mrs Newbury encourages us to include some adventurous words and phrases that will bring our writing to life!  Wardour class are very good at adding adjectives that are not boring.  We have a synonym resource on the wall which has lots of different words to use instead of boring ones.

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Science – investigating waterproof properties of materials in Y2

Our science investigations this time was to find which material would be the most waterproof.  We chose a range of materials such as paper, foil, cotton, plastic and tissue paper.  Again we looked at how we could make it a fair test, so we agreed how many drops of water we would use for each type of material.  After predicting which one we thought would be the best we begun our investigation.

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Science – investigating strength of different types of paper in Y2

This was an exciting investigation as we had to attach strips of the same length the a table and see how many twists it would take for the paper to break.  We made our predictions and then worked as a team to carry out the investigation.  Some types of paper were stronger than we had predicted.

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Science – investigating absorbency with Y2

Our science unit is materials and we were investigating which types of paper were more or less absorbent than others.  A s you can see, we were making sure that the tests were fair as well as practising our maths skills by tallying how many drops we used.

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